At SLC we choose to build with the needs of modern individuals and families in mind.  Our Total Package Sustainability (TPS) model takes advantage of the most cutting edge renewable energy technologies and building strategies.  Upon purchasing an SLC home, you will be acquiring the power to sustain your own energy, drastically reduce water usage, grow your own organic produce, and even power your electric car when obtaining Net Positive production.  Learn to sustain you and your family even during times of unforeseen circumstance. Reduce the majority of your monthly utility bills under the umbrella of your home mortgage.  



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Aesthetically our homes are modern takes on classic styles, offering open floor layouts which promote natural light. Our powerful water and air filtration systems provide you and your family with an optimal living environment.  Control your home's climate and lighting from anywhere with a remote smartphone app.  Additional amenities and security options are available so you can customize your home to your family's specific needs.  SLC offers fully stocked Net Positive designs at an affordable price, while leaving a green footprint.  It is your right to have long term longevity and security with the next home you purchase.  We will provide you with all the tools and tutorial you will need to do so.




Eddie Eshesimua

Development Manager





My background is Architectural and Civil Engineering and I am an LEED GA. I have primarily worked in construction over the past 14 plus years.  My interest in sustainable building and living is rooted in my upbringing in Benin City, Nigeria.  My great grandfather built many homes in town, including homes my family members still occupy today. The current influx of mega high end luxury residences are not sustainable but I believe the market will stabilize itself and sustainable living concepts are here to stay.

Michael Winick

As a kid I spent summers with my grandfather who was a construction contractor in Hartford, CT.  I come from a long line of generations of builders.  My schooling and real world experience includes staff and business management, PR, media relations, and marketing.  Through traveling abroad and seeing how people live around the globe, I came to the conclusion that I would like to help others find a better quality of living.  So I chose to build homes that reflect today's modern technology and sustainable capabilities.

Eduardo Fernandez

I have worked in the South Florida market for the last 8 years as a real estate agent and mortgage broker.  I have experience in sales, marketing, human resources, payroll, budget analysis, inventory reports, administrative duties, asset management, project funding, and market research.  While working in the South Florida market and seeing the glaring deficiency in the quality and productivity in standard construction,  I became interested in building state of the art, sustainable homes,  that reflect the needs of today’s home buyer.